Hello, I’m Back

My PhD viva is over and done with (that’s still weird to think about), and I was feeling a bit weird about blogging – do I still blog about my research? Do I blog more on general science topics that make me rage because they can be reported so badly in the mainstream media? Or, do I just stop?

I guess the fact that I’m now blogging about what to do shows that I haven’t decided on the latter option (#meta), but I do want to change some things on the blog. I can no longer tell people about my PhD experience, but I can open this blog up a bit more into what the life of a researcher is like day to day. I’d also like to share my views on topics that are linked to the environment in which I do research (peer review, funding, diversity in the research community, potential problems in the way that we think about things etc etc), and also a little bit about what I do outside of work. I’m mentioned my side hustle a bit on this blog before, but I want to do more of that; explain why I decided to create Science On A Postcard, where I want to take it in the future, and why I think it’s important for me to have a designated side hustle to keep my mental health in check. On the subject of mental health, I want to talk more about that as well. A while ago I posted about having depression – expect more of that. A few weeks ago I was talking to friends and colleagues about my experiences of poor mental health, and how I wish that people would be more open about it; I figure I should lead by example and start talking about good days, down days, and everything in between.

So, yeah. Things are going to change around here, and I’m excited to keep sharing this weird little academic journey with you through this blog.

To kick things off, I’ve decided to do #Blogtober18. Blogtober essentially means that for every day during the month of October, I’ll be posting something new on this blog. Some days these will be wordy posts on complex topics, some will be continuations of existing series (Inspiring People, Clinical Trials Q&A, and Publication Explainers), other days there will be less formal posts to do with product development for Science On A Postcard, and I’ll throw in a few new styles of posts too.

Anyone else doing #Blogtober18?
Tagging a few people here that may want to join in, even if it’s just 1 post every day for a week!
Soph – https://sophtalksscience.com/
Jennie – https://muddledstudent.wordpress.com/
Sophie – https://sophiefquick.wordpress.com/
Kylie – https://happyacademic.wordpress.com/
Chelsea – https://chemicallyinquisitive.wordpress.com/
Katie – https://katiesphd.wordpress.com/
Jack – https://inquisitivetortoise.wordpress.com/
Gareth – https://friendlybacteria.wordpress.com/
Bella – https://bellastarling.wordpress.com/
Rebecca – https://biologybex.wordpress.com/


6 responses to “Hello, I’m Back”

  1. Blogtober sounds like a great idea! I need something to get my blog back off the ground and help me switch off from writing my master’s dissertation! So happy that you’ve finished your PhD and that you’re carrying on your blog!

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  2. Yay! So glad you’re back. Very excited to see where you take your blog as it is something I’m worried about too. And Blogtober sounds awesome. I definitely have loads of ideas after New Scientist Live and not writing for a while. I might give it a go though – would be a great way to celebrate being done with my thesis. Woo! But it might just mean I procrastinate on the job hunting front then ahaha

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  3. Great goal Heidi! While I can’t promise to match it I will promise to read all of your Blogtober posts – look forward to it!

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  4. Hi. Sounds really interesting! Can’t wait to read your posts. I’ve linked to your blog here – https://thechronictraveller.com/2018/09/30/blogtober-2018-what-is-it-and-what-to-expect/ = on my post about my schedule for Blogtober.


  5. Congratulations on defending your Ph.D. Heidi! Thanks for thinking of me for Blogtober – I’ve never heard of it actually. It’s a great goal to have though! I’m actually trying to figure out exactly what I want my blog to be – it’s currently a mix between a blog, portfolio, and personal website. I’ll be sure to give it some more thought during Blogtober!


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